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Enhance harmony and mutual respect in your family life!

Our programs are based on peer-reviewed research in developmental psychology, education and current leadership models.  Denise Goldbeck combines the performing arts and science in her workshops bringing  active, fun-filled experiential learning  to people of all ages. Denise is inspired by  the long perspective of human cultural and evolutionary history where people of mixed ages lived and brought up children together.  For over 30 years young people and their parents improved quality of their family lives and social skills  by participating in our programs.

Our Programs

Kids in the Spotlight

The KITS program is offered to children of all ages in various residential settings in Canada and internationally. Together with young leaders children play games and mount a whimsical musical production. 

Youth Leadership

LAUNCH: The Youth-Led Leadership Program is offered to youth aged 13 to 20 something. Young leaders apply leadership principles as they lead the participants in KITS.

Window to Your Child

The Personal Parenting: Window To Your Child Program is offered to those who want to gain conscious parenting skills, harmonize relationships within the family and prepare children for the a challeging future.  

Our Progress

When children get access to programs like Kids in the Spotlight, it can have a profound effect on their lives. It can improve confidence, self-esteem and empathy.

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Benefits of Our Programs

The benefits of our programs are develomentally suited for the age of the participant. Children, youth and parents all have the opportunity to learn new things to help make life more fulfilling and fun. Everyone makes new friends!


Greater confidence and self-esteem

Greater awareness and empathy for one’s self and others

Leadership skills and opportunities

Five truly memorable days of dancing, playing and laughing!


“My two children have been going KITS every summer for 9 years and have been provided with opportunities to learn communication skills, to learn to take risks and to learn to engage in a meaningful and collaborative process with children and youth… This program offers such a rich experience for young participants, all the way to youth leaders, and it is unparalleled in our community.”

Hazel Choy

“Maddy was 8 years old when we started attending KITS.  They say it “takes a village to raise a child” and KITS was part of our village. Maddy felt fully accepted for who she was and that is not always the norm in society. Her Dad and I are so grateful that she has had this safe place to learn and grow and now give back! KITS helped me to be a better parent… knowing when to hold on and when to let go and to let go gracefully as she grew up. I met parents who shared the same feelings and thoughts and sharing these made the journey more special and not as scary or alone! The week at Haven also allowed me to recharge and that was priceless.
Thank you Denise for all you have done over the years to help these children become well-rounded loving adults. KITS prepares them for the outside world in a loving, supportive environment.  IMMEASURABLE.

Mary Ann Marchildon

“I was first introduced to KITS as a participant along with my 3 siblings, 28 years ago. We attended for many years and it was ALWAYS the highlight of our summer and something we looked forward to all year.
My best friend, who I met at KITS 28 years ago, and I now bring our 2 young kids to KITS (along with our moms and my sister and her daughter!), and again this is a highlight that we all look forward to each year!  I am always amazed and grateful to see the strong friendships our kids form with the other participants and the very talented interns and I love witnessing the remarkable areas of growth they go through within those 5 days.  KITS is now a legacy tradition for our families that I feel very honoured to be a part of.”

Briana Sinatra

“As a grandparent I am so keen to provide opportunities that foster independence, creativity, compassion, friendships of all ages, confidence, all in an environment of healthy living and relationships to my granddaughters that I feel privileged to be a part of the KITS adventure… all that happens in our 5 day sojourn is a wonder. The memories will last a lifetime. “

Karin Sipko

“As a family, we have been attending the Kids in the Spotlight program for the past 5 years.  The program has helped our daughter to develop a level of confidence in an environment of recognition and acceptance, and offers ongoing opportunities for her growth.  Denise Goldbeck offers her knowledge and experience of child and adolescent development and has intentionally woven this into the program – for the children as well as the teen leaders… It is very meaningful to me that my daughter is now able to have her own experience at this very special place.”

Randy Wong

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