Personal Parenting: Window To Your Child is a program held in an intimate retreat setting. Designed by Denise Goldbeck, it is a program for those caregivers who are looking for new approaches to family life. Parents and grandparents learn not only how to be more benevolent, effective parents – they also learn about how to benefit personally from the parenting experience. Childhood wounds are healed and unachieved identities are revisited and repaired. Parents will benefit from Denise’s extensive knowledge of child development.

Personal Parenting: Window To Your Child

This parenting program is different than other programs because you will learn a new approach to parenting that will fundamentally change your day-to-day on the ground parenting. Rather than a series of tips or techniques, this program helps you to see your child in terms of his or her development and respond benevolently to conflicts. Compliance issues become easier to respond to, closer bonds are formed and family harmony is increased with the personal approach introduced in this program.

What We Do

The program takes place in a retreat setting so that parents can reflect more freely on their own experiences as children and how these experiences may be impacting current parenting issues. Experiential learning leads to fun and exciting insights. Parents discover inner resources , newfound energy and enthusiasm.



Knowing some of this information could mean a difference in how you might handle a parent-child conflict, avoid discipline, and foster positive identity achievement in your child — most importantly, how to prepare your child for a future we cannot predict.

Beyond the Program

Participants explore their family legacies in light of current parenting concerns. Models of identity, conflict, and communication are taught and practiced. Parents discover that many of us are facing the same problems and that we are resources for one another. Gentle experiential learning leaves people feeling more supported as they re-enter their family life.

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