LAUNCH: The Youth-Led Leadership Program

The Youth-Led Leadership Program

The Youth Led Leadership Program is a program devised and implemented by young people in a practical hands-on setting. This is a unique and innovative initiative which allows young people to coach, teach, train and supervise activities of younger program participants. The leaders range in age from thirteen to twenty-something, and work together as a group in order to give the participants in Kids In The Spotlight a memorable and formative experience. There is an organic and intuitive connection in between all our programs. Our programs mimic an ancient human village, where all ages muck together to create community and culture. The program philosophy and teachings are informed and tested by using current developmental peer-reviewed research.

Youth-Led Leadership Training

The Youth Leadership Training stands alone as a powerful learning opportunity. Our youth leaders take part in deep self-reflection, self-expression, experiential learning, and leadership exercises culminating in group bonding and life-building skills.  Leaders learn developmental models, communication and coaching skills and apply these skills to Kids inthe Spotlight practica.  Leader take the skills they learn leading KITS into their own lives to great impact. The program has been going on for over thirty years. Previous participants are now bringing their children to this program, which itself consitute the success and unmatched benefit of this approach to youth-led leadership training.


Youth Leaders take on leadership roles in both small and large groups, facilitating discussion or leading participants in games, acting and dancing, as well as lessons on respect, friendship, and boundaries. Along with group facilitation experience,  Leaders are presented  with to learn and practice creative skills in, theatre, such as script-writing, music editing, costume and prop preparation, lighting, stage management, choreography, and directing.


  • Excellent work experience with both children and peers
  • Support for moving into paid employment or other volunteering avenues (including references)
  • Support for moving into post-secondary education
  • An understanding of their own personal leadership style
  • Conflict transformation strategies
  • Volunteering experience, staisfying secondary school graduation requirements
  • Increased confidence
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Leadership capabilities
  • Communication and social interaction skills

Beyond the Program

The Youth-Led Leadership Training and Practical are held in conjunction with KITS at various residential locations around the world.. Venues range from luxury resorts, to rustic cabins to remote villages. With Launch, our young leaders have an opportunity to experience other cultures through travel which deepens their understanding and appreciation of their own lives.

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