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We are an evidence-based child and youth development organization that uses the performing arts as a vehicle for extraordinary growth. Over the course of 35 years, over 4,500 KITS kids have played their way towards greater self-knowledge and self-confidence. Created by counselor and Developmental Psychology MA Denise Goldbeck, KITS’ unique and innovative programs equip kids with the skills and self-insight they need to thrive at school, with friends, and in their families.

Benefits of Our Programs

How would it feel if your child gained...

Greater confidence and self-esteem

More harmonious family relationships

Leadership skills

Enhanced social skills

Improved academic performance

KITS Creator, Denise Goldbeck

“Sometimes the feedback I get from families stuns me. They tell me the program saved their family. I feel so grateful to play this role in their lives.”

-Denise Goldbeck

Denise Goldbeck’s unique background as a performer who became a counselor clearly prepared her to create something special. That creation is Kids in the Spotlight, whose fun and innovative programs reflect her love of the performing arts and her depth of scientific knowledge.

As a former dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, singer and director of musicals, she has an exceptional ability to unlock therapeutic creativity in children and youth. As a registered counselor and Master of Developmental Psychology, she has pioneered a unique, evidence-based program for encouraging play-oriented, child-led development. Her younger son, Jacob, is taking on co-leadership of the programs.

Denise has been working with children and their families for 40 years. She has taken her programs around the world – to Africa, China, Russia, the North West Territories, and Brazil. She is married to Henry Goldbeck and has two grown sons, aged 24 and 28. The family home is in Port Moody and is guarded by chickadees, pileated woodpeckers and douglas squirrels.

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